002 – The 5 Touchstones of Success

All positive achievements experienced in life rest on having a strong foundation, and this foundation often needs more than one leg to stand on for best results.

We are excited to share an introduction to the 5 Touchstones of Success, the very foundation that can help you move toward your desired goals with a steady step.

Some highlights of this episode include:

  • What these touchstones are, how they influence and reinforce each other, and why they are needed as a group.
  • How these touchstones can positively influence all aspects of your life including influencing a business culture and other environments.
  • How you can personally incorporate these touchstones into your daily habits through doing small, achievable activities.

It often takes a collection of things to influence change. Very rarely is it narrowed down to one single thing, although it’s okay to wish for this. However, some routes we take are perceived differently than their realities, and these touchstones can prepare you for these moments.

We are so glad for you to join us in listening and sharing a perspective that can help all of us grow to be better.

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