013 – An Interview with Natural Health Consultant Robert Meyer-Kukan – Part 2

We continue our conversation with Rob Meyer-Kukan, owner and natural health consultant of 7 Notes Natural Health, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Some of his arts include massage therapy, natural health educator, reflexology, Reiki, Essential Oils therapy and Vibrational Sound Therapy to name a few!  Last week Rob discussed the beginning of his spiritual journey with his healing arts and how he was able to combine them into his practice, 7 Notes Natural Health.

In this episode, he continues to share how he began using the sense of smell with essential oils to heal and discussed various techniques with using the oils. He also discusses the scientific healing ability of sound through singing bowls and how to identify the “right” bowls. We are so grateful to Rob for sharing his expertise and journey with us!  

You can find more about Rob and his work at:

Website: www. robmeyerkukan.com

Check out his Facebook Live page where you can find out about his sound baths and more at: www.facebook.com/robmeyerkukan

And on Instagram: www. instagram.com/robmeyerkukan

Disclaimer: The suggestions made during the show are simply suggestions and are not intended to take the place of medical care or advice. We encourage you to seek medical advice for any health concerns you may have by a licensed medical professional.

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