#008 – Meditation and Nutrition: An Interview with Nutrition Expert Timia Domonics Smith – Part 1

In this episode, the team discusses the importance of nutrition for one’s spiritual development. In light of the current pandemic, learning all ways to take control of our thoughts and calm our minds through Mindtation’s Touchstones: meditation, mindfulness, breath, sound and intuition, each supported by the food we consume is critical to our world’s well-being.

In this episode, the team interviews nutrition expert, Timia Domonics Smith, who shares the importance of getting back to basics by connecting with our planet, connecting with each other, and most importantly by connecting with our own bodies through specific foods. For as long as mankind has had spiritual practices, they have always been accompanied with dietary practices. What you eat will directly affect your state of mind and the depth of your ability to live a life with a full heart and a clear mind. The importance of her message is so powerful, that Morning Startup will have Timea as its guest for an additional episode (episode 9) to help us as we engage in our own personal journeys to a state of joy and balance. Tune in and enjoy!

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