023 – The Risk of Finding Joy at Work – An Interview with Bobby Johnson

Podcast: The Risk of Finding Joy at WorkBeing in joy with the work that we do is a desire by many but what few achieve. Though there are many reasons why this happens, the one consistent theme that continues to express itself is risk. Risk can be the barrier that stops many, but when overcome amazing things can happen.

Our guest is Bobby Johnson, founder and owner of Colors of the Wood, a Northville, Michigan company that specializes in kitchen and home décor items for homes, businesses, and special events. More than just a talented woodworker, Bobby is a risk-taker which has led him to experience joy in his work and in life. Bobby shares the process that led him to step out of the traditional role of a job and forge a path of his own, discovering unforeseen talents and synchronicities along the way that will leave you just shaking your head.

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