016 – Be Like a Tree – Part 1

Underneath all of our differences we are all the same! The team uses the analogy of trees and how they all live in the same forest, with all their differences in species and look, they are super-cooperative, working together within their root system to help sustain the life of all. They feed the underdeveloped, they self heal, the older trees pass their wisdom to the younger trees on how to sustain and resist the dangers that threaten them. Trees talk! We all need to be like a tree!

Tune into the conversation and see how the team breaks down this analogy to what is happening in the world today and how we can engage in breathing, mindfulness and meditation practices to reach a state of calm, providing each human being the opportunity to unite into a state of cooperation and love.

Books Referenced:
The Power of Vulnerability: TED Talk by Brene Brown
Be Here Now Ram Das
Stillness Speaks: Eckhart Tolle

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